Mike & Jenny

Cancun! What an awesome word to put on a video/blog title. Yup, this wasn’t just the couple’s dream come true. It was mine as well. Many thanks to the couple and their families for making it all happen and for giving me the privilege to document it. They were all so nice and made me feel right at home despite being the only person that didn’t speak Spanish. In spite of some challenges like being sick and shooting by myself for the first time, I had a blast. Well who wouldn’t? I filmed an awesome wedding at an awesome place and made new friends along the way.
The entire trip and wedding day was an adventure. I won’t say much more. I’ll let this wedding film tell you the story.

P.S. I danced for real WITHOUT a camera at the reception. That’s a first, thanks to Michelle and her family!

Filmed and Edited by
Jason Menor

Music credits:

“Celeste” – Les Enfants
“Always Been You” – Marie Hines
“Like Ships Need The Sea” – Emily Hearn
“You Are Mine ft. Holley Maher” – Spencer Combs

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