“A Fair Day”

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon – warm and sunny and California-like. My friend Andrew and I went to a local county fair to try our hands at making a mini documentary.
Filming random people was a lot of fun! For hours we filmed smiling faces, children laughing, and couples in love. There were people of all ages ranging from infants to grandfathers.
We spent much time searching for a story to tell. Eventually we thought the direction of the mini doc would be an inside look of what goes on behind the scenes of a fair from a worker’s point of view. Unfortunately, after many tries and after pleading with the supervisors, we were still not allowed to interview any of the workers. So we went ahead and asked the fair-goers for short interviews. It was challenging but very fun and rewarding at the same time. Hopefully this video accurately portrays what we saw and felt about the fair that day – Close family and friends enjoying, relaxing, and having fun. That’s pretty rare these days! But one day, under God’s Kingdom, everyone will be smiling and enjoying life – not only for a few hours – but forever.


Filmed by
Jason Menor
Andrew Peralta

Edited by
Jason Menor

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