Amanda & Eric

Amanda & Eric. This wedding was precious. You’ll see what I mean when you watch the film. The goal in making this film was to document not only their wedding day, but the whole experience of having a destination wedding in the Cayman Islands. So I filmed them as they snorkeled and swam with stingrays….

Erika & Alex

Weddings with genuine emotion will always stand out. In the air of the wedding day, in the pictures, and especially in the wedding film, the trueness is simply plain. See for yourself.

Julianne & Adriano

It goes without saying. Julianne & Adriano are a gorgeous couple. Model Material. I haven’t shown someone this film without them commenting on how good looking everyone in the film was. But it doesn’t just end there. Listen closely to the vows and the speeches and you’ll get a glimpse of how they look inside as…

Mike & Jenny

Cancun! What an awesome word to put on a video/blog title. Yup, this wasn’t just the couple’s dream come true. It was mine as well. Many thanks to the couple and their families for making it all happen and for giving me the privilege to document it. They were all so nice and made me…

Jostin & Shayli

April 6, 2013 was a beautiful spring day for a wedding. Now here’s something unique: The groom attended a funeral shortly before his wedding. This made the couple very special to us. It’s heartwarming to see that even on one’s wedding day, truly kindhearted people still look out for the interests of others before their…