Jostin & Shayli

April 6, 2013 was a beautiful spring day for a wedding. Now here’s something unique: The groom attended a funeral shortly before his wedding. This made the couple very special to us. It’s heartwarming to see that even on one’s wedding day, truly kindhearted people still look out for the interests of others before their own. Witness the true love of this amazing couple, Jostin and Shayli.

Filmed by Jason & Joshua Menor
Edited by Jason Menor
Music as requested by the couple. All rights belong to Te’ (Guitar instrumental) and Kim Viera (Diamonds)

For the camera people out there, equipment used includes:

Nikon D600
Sony NEX-VG20
20mm 2.8
35-70 2.8
70-200 2.8
50 1.4

Konova Slider
Glidecam HD2000

And here’s a bonus video!

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