Movi M5 First Flight!

If you’re into filmmaking, no doubt you’ve heard the buzz about the new Movi stabilizers by the company Freefly Systems. I was comparing different stabilizers available in the market for the company I work for, Picture This Studios, and was leaning towards the Steadicam Solo. That stabilizer wasn’t out yet at the time (well I’m not even sure if it is out by now). I used to be a glidecam user, but my wrist started to get painful from using it. After giving it plenty of rest, I tried my hand at flying the glidecam again but the pain just came back worse. So I gave that up.

I wasn’t really considering the Movi at first, mainly because of the price and the impression it wasn’t good for live events. What convinced me, though, was a video on Vimeo of a wedding filmmaker using the Movi M5. I then realized that it’s actually an amazing and practical piece of gear. After my constant pestering, my boss gave in and purchased the Movi M5 for the video department. To practice flying it, I made this Coffee short film. Enjoy!

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